tequila plaque

Tequila Club

La Boca Mexican Restaurant loves tequila!! So much so, that we have over 70 labels on our shelf at any given time! La Boca also wants you to try them all, so we started our Tequila Club.

The goal is to try all our tequilas within 1 year. You must sign up in person at La Boca!

Once a member of The Tequila Club, you will receive discounts and rewards throughout the year! Annual membership is $20, and here is what you will get:

— $1 off every shot
— Prizes along the way!
→ After 20 tequilas you get a tee shirt
→ After 40 you get a gift bag
→ After all 70+ tequilas, you receive a $150 gift card, your name on the plaque of legends, and a special mystery gift from the owner.
— Once signing up, you have 1 year to complete it.

Now we all love our Tequila, and we all love a good time. But we also know too much of some things is not a good thing. That is why La Boca asks that you drink responsibly, and also designate a driver as well. La Boca also reservers the right to limit the amount of shots and drinks during the course of a night. We want you all back as soon as possible. In all cases, the decision of the bartending staff, and management is final.